Ladies Bags Purple - LFOonline

Ladies Bags Purple

Rs. 1,999.00Rs. 1,599.00
Sling Bag Tan - LFOonline
Ladies Bags Brown - LFOonline

Ladies Bags Brown

Rs. 1,699.00Rs. 1,360.00
Ladies Bags Black - LFOonline

Ladies Bags Black

Rs. 1,699.00Rs. 1,360.00
Ladies Bag Mint - LFOonline

Ladies Bag Mint

Rs. 2,739.00Rs. 865.00
Sleek Black Leather Satchel Bag

Sleek Black Leather Satchel Bag

Rs. 1,799.00Rs. 1,440.00
Ladies Bags Black - LFOonline

Ladies Bags Black

Rs. 1,699.15Rs. 1,360.00
Ladies Bags Navy - LFOonline

Ladies Bags Navy

Rs. 1,999.00Rs. 1,599.00
Laptop Bag Brown - LFOonline

Laptop Bag Brown

Rs. 3,999.00


"I purchased the Black Classic Wallet from LFO, and it's perfect! The leather is high-quality, and the sleek design fits easily in my pocket. It has plenty of space for my cards and cash without being bulky. Great product and excellent service from LFO"


"I recently bought the Ladies bag black from LFO, and I'm thrilled with it! The leather is luxurious, the craftsmanship is top-notch, and the design is both stylish and practical. The multiple compartments keep me organized, and I've received many compliments. Excellent customer service too. Highly recommend LFO."


"I recently purchased a leather belt from LFO, and it's fantastic! The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is outstanding. It fits perfectly and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Great customer service as well."


"I recently traveled with the LFO’s Foldable Hardcase Green Cabin Suitcase, and it was fantastic! The sturdy construction and smooth wheels made navigating the airport a breeze. Plenty of space and smart compartments kept everything organized. Stylish, durable, and highly functional. Highly recommend for this foldable suitcase."


"I recently purchased the LFO backpack and it has exceeded all my expectations. The design is modern and eye-catching, with the unique patterns and colors that give it a stylish edge.The quality is top-notch; the material feels durable and water-resistant, perfect for protecting my belongings.Overall, this LFO backpack is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a blend of style, functionality, and durability. Highly recommended!"


"From the moment I tried on the LFO organic cotton health socks, I knew I had found something special. These socks are incredibly comfortable, made from soft and breathable organic cotton that keeps my feet feeling fresh all day. The subtle design and neutral color make them versatile enough to wear with any outfit."